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Meeting 02 – Purpose: Worship

by admintdc

House Church Meeting 02 – Purpose: Worship – Jesus at the Centre  The purpose of a House Church is to live life together, not just have meetings. The only agenda for each house church is to have Jesus in its midst. Take these ideas as a starting point and do what you need to do […]

House Church Formation – Part 6

by admintdc

House Church Formation – Part 6 – Suggested House Church Meeting Format. Fellowship A time of relaxed fellowship around either a dessert, or a “potluck” supper. Perhaps every second meeting would be “potluck”, and the other meeting begin with a dessert. This is the time to connect on the horizontal plane, heart to heart with […]

House Church Formation – Part 5

by admintdc

House Church Formation – Part 5 – House Church Core Values Worship – Seeking To Glorify Christ (Adoration) We will focus on Jesus at the centre of our house meetings. Worship, not singing. Worship is far more than just singing. It is giving thanks to God, being grateful, overflowing in appreciation for all He has […]