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Dealing With Anger

by admintdc

Dealing With Anger – David Hibbert What Is Anger? What an interesting question! Everyone gets angry, but few can describe exactly what it is. The best definition that we could come up with is “A strong emotional feeling of annoyance based on a violation of something we value and therefore we believe is wrong or […]

Experiencing The Power Of God’s Peace

by admintdc

The Apostles And Grace And Peace I’m sure we’ve all noticed the salutation at the beginning of almost every Epistle. Romans 1:7, NIV – (7) … Grace and peace to you from God our Father and from the Lord Jesus Christ. 1 Corinthians 1:3, NIV – (3) Grace and peace to you from God our […]

How ON EARTH Can I Live The Christian Life? – Part 5

by admintdc

Part 5 – Why Do We Need To Have A Paradigm Shift? Thomas Kuhn, in his book, “The Structure of Scientific Revolution, introduced our generation to the phrase “paradigm, shift.” The term “paradigm” was originally intended for the scientific community. However, it is now being applied to almost every area of life: the economy, government, […]