Pioneer School – Torben Søndergaard – The Last Reformation

Lesson 01 – Come Out Of The Box

  • Come out of the the box. Much of what we do today is because our church history. It is important to understand this in order to take our glasses of .. Those who hinder us in reading the Word of God as it. This is an important lesson as Torben will come back to this again and again during the pioneer school.

Lesson 02 – Jesus Or Religion

  • Jesus did not come with a new religion. He did not come that we should just go to a certain place (church) at a specific time (Sunday church service) where a certain person (priest) do certain things that we can not do. No, he came with a kingdom that is so much different than what we see in the “church” today. So do you want religion or the kingdom of God which Jesus came with? See this amazing teaching.

Lesson 03 – The Book Of Acts

  • The book of Acts is a little insight into some of the first disciple’s life. An insight into a few days in some of the disciples diary. If Jesus is the same today, our diary should also look like what we read there. This challenging lesson will help you to get a life as we read in the book of acts.

Lesson 04 – Knowledge Of Obedience

  • Jesus did not come with a lot of theology. He did not start a Bible school.
    He said: Come and follow me. He called apprentices (disciples), who had to learn through his example … If we are going to be effective in making disciples, like he calls us, we must then do it the same way as he did. We need to stop teaching so much, which just gives us knowledge, but not much to obey’. See this challenging teaching that will help you to understand what Jesus called us to.

Lesson 05 – Preach And Heal

  • Here is an important teaching that reveals how far the churches have come away from the call Jesus gave us. The Bible makes it clear that Jesus paid the price not only so that we can be forgiven of our sins, but also so that people can be healed. Therefore, he called his disciples to both preach the gospel and heal the sick. We who are disciples of Jesus today should therefore also do the same. This will become clear to you in this teaching about healing.

Lesson 06 – Kick-Start Your Christian Life

  • To be kick-started is to learn to heal the sick. But it’s much more than that. It is a tool that can transform people, cities and countries. See this exciting lesson and be kick-started in your Christian life.

Lesson 07 – Repent And Be Baptized

  • The gospel is the power of God unto salvation. But satan has deceived us into believing that you should just ask Jesus into your heart and everything is fine. In this important lessons Torben Søndergaard talk about what you must do to be saved and how you must preach the gospel to others.

Lesson 08 – How To Share The Gospel

  • Torben Søndergaard answer questions from last week’s teaching, and shows how he shares the gospel. God has done everything he needed to do. Now it’s up to you / them. Repent and be baptized, then you will receive the Holy Spirit.

Lesson 09 – Saints Or Sinners

  • What is repentance? Are we still sinners after we are saved? This challenging lesson will help you to get your religious glasses off and help you to get into the freedom Jesus came with.

Lesson 10 – Be Baptized For The Remission Of Your Sins

  • Jesus came to save us from our sins and from the slavery of sin. To walk in this freedom we read in the Bible that you need to be baptized. Baptism is more than just a symbol, and Jesus says it is necessary to enter the kingdom of God. This and much more will become clear in this teaching by Torben Søndergaard.

Lesson 11 – Baptism With The Holy Spirit

  • It is not enough that we “only” have been baptized in water. We also need to be baptized with the Holy Spirit, which is the promise of the new covenant. According to the Bible, there will always be a visible sign when one receive the Holy Spirit. In this lesson, Torben Søndergaard, speaks about this and how you can be baptized and baptize others with the Holy Spirit. An area where there have been many misunderstandings because of our traditions.

Lesson 12 – Led By The Holy Spirit

  • The Holy Spirit was an important part of the early church. It was Him who told them what they should do. It was Him who led them. With Him they experienced the power of God in their lives. You will love this lesson where Torben tells many powerful testimonies about how we today can be led by the Holy Spirit. He also gives practical advice on how you can live the life we read about in the book of Acts. A life led by the Holy Spirit.

Lesson 13 – When You Fast

  • Fasting is a secret that many Christians have forgotten. Fasting helps to humble ourselves so that God can lift us up. Fasting breaks walls of fear and disbelief so we can live the life we read about in the books Acts. Listen to this exciting and practical lesson where Torben Søndergaard explain what the Bible says about fasting. He also tells many testimonies from his own life how it is to fast for 3, 20 or 40 days.

Lesson 14 – Is God Holy Or Loving Or Both?

  • Welcome to this important teaching by Torben Søndergaard about God’s character. This is a necessary teaching that will provoke many, but at the same time help the church to know God as he really is.

Lesson 15 – New And Old Covenant

  • CHALLENGING! SHOCKING! IT IS THE TOTAL OPPOSITE OF WHAT WE HAVE BEEN TOLD … You will be shocked and your eyes will be opened through this great teaching that includes: New and Old Covenant, Grace, Jesus, sins against the Holy Ghost, etc.

Lesson 16 – The New Covenant

  • We are called to live a holy life, but this can not be done by the law, but only by living a new life in the spirit. This is a really important lesson that will set many Christians free from condemnation and show what the new covenant is about.

Lesson 17 – Reformation Of The Church System

  • It’s TIME for a reformation of our church system. Buildings, staff, programs and budgets are issues that many people associate with concerning a real church. But the early Christians did not have all of those things in the same way as we have it today. This is an important teaching that will set many people free from this present church system that kills the life, and it will help to become the church Jesus came to build.

Lesson 18 – Jesus’ Vision For The Church

  • This is an extremely important message to the church today. Here Torben shows us what it really was Jesus has called us to. Yes, much of what we do today in the churches is the exact opposite of what Jesus said. This important message will set many free to serve God in everyday life.

Lesson 19 – Now Is The Time To Do It

  • In this lesson Torben Søndergaard helps us to practically obey Jesus in the calling he has given us. In this video, you get some simple tools that will not only transform your life but many people around you. Let the reformation begin.

Lesson 20 – The Reformation Has Begun

  • The Reformation has begun, and is growing worldwide. But there are many people around who do not bear fruit, but why? Listen to this last interesting lesson of the Pioneer School with Torben Søndergaard. The Reformation has begun and you can be a part of it!