Danden_&_Shirley_SalesIn the Philippines, we work with Pastor, Danden Sales and his organization, “Faith Island Missions Inc.”. Faith Island Missions Inc. is an indigenous ministry to the South-Central Islands of the Philippines. It was founded by Pastor Discoros (Danden) Sales in the early 1980s. Together with his wife Shirley, they have seen the establishment of some 50 local churches and ministries.



Presently, Faith Island Missions Inc. operates the following ministries:

  • Living Waters Bible School
  • Bais City Mission Station
  • Crusaders for Christ gospel boat, which travels from island to island.
  • A yearly leaders convention.
  • Leadership training / conferences.
  • Regular evangelistic crusades.
  • Church planting and church building construction.
  • Literature distribution.
  • Operation of over 50 local churches.
  • A pastors network covering the south-central and south Philippines.

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