1. How To Determine Your Call To Lead

Being made in God’s image, we were created to lead, to have authority over the whole earth and to use the leadership abilities He gives us.

2. How To Develop The Heart Of A Leader

How leaders develop the qualities that set them apart from others. Steps to prepare our hearts and reasons why a heart of integrity is so important for leaders are both addressed.

3. How To Receive And Cast Vision

Defines vision, covers steps to fulfill God’s vision, suggests a variety of methods God uses to inspire vision and offers tools to cast vision.

4. How To Set Priorities And Make Decisions

Includes a quiz and self-evaluation on getting the most out of a day. The 80/20 principle is explained with lessons learned from this principle.

5. How To Cultivate People Skills

What every leader should know about people is the main thrust of this lesson as well as the vital role relationships play in leadership.

6. How To Develop Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning: Biblical examples of planning are explained. The sigmoid curve analogy is given, followed by steps to effective strategic planning.

7. How To Determine Your Leadership Potential

Describes ten tests in life that reveal a leader’s potential and maturity.

8a. How To Overcome Insecurity – Part 1

How to spot insecurity in your behavior and the keys to emotional security

8b. How To Overcome Insecurity – Part 2

How to spot insecurity in your behavior and the keys to emotional security

9. How To Delegate Tasks and Develop People

Moses is used as an example of moving from addition to multiplication in your leadership. Methods are addressed about how to select and develop others while delegating the work.

10. How To Develop Effective Teams

What makes an effective team? Ten questions to ask as well as an evaluation of your teamwork are included in this lesson.

11. How To Invest In Others

Mentoring is defined, the commitment is spelled out and steps are given to start the process of mentoring leaders, Jesus is the example of the ultimate mentor.

12. How To Measure Your Leadership Growth

Measuring Your Leadership Growth: Emphasis is on the leader’s character. Seven qualities are defined and the opportunity is given for self-evaluation on each of these qualities.