Congratulations! You believe that you have found your life partner, and you are ready to begin to prepare for the journey ahead. But before your declaration of your marriage commitments on the wedding day, you must must have the necessary skills to evaluate if the relationship is worth pursuing, and then build the relationship in a healthy way, so that the future marriage has a chance of lasting. Below are key skills worth developing, if you desire your relationship to last a lifetime.

Instructions: Using the links below, download the participants notes and print out 2 copies, one for each person. Then click on the video, and watch it together. Fill in your notes as you watch the video, and then discuss the assignments at the end of each session.


Session 01 – Series Introduction

Session 02 – Powerful Decisions

Session 03 – Living On Purpose

Session 04 – Seven Pillars Of Healthy Relationships

Session 05 – Love Languages

Session 06 – Your “Normal”

Session 07 – Communication Dance

Session 08 – Conflict Management

Session 09 – 90/10 Factor

Complete Workbook (All Nine Sessions)