Congratulations! You’ve got kids! For all couples, the joy of parenting includes a lot of changes, and a lot of changes. This course is designed to give you very practical insights, tools and skills, so that you can raise healthy, independent and whole children.

Instructions: Using the links below, download the participants notes and print out a copy of the lesson. Then click on the video, and watch it with your spouse. Fill in your notes as you watch the video, and then discuss the assignments at the end of each session.


Session 00 – Title Pages

Session 01 – Introduction To Loving Our Kids On Purpose

Session 02 – Language Of Empowerment

Session 03 – No Fear In Love

Session 04 – Heart-To-Heart Connection

Session 05 – The Priority Of Connection

Session 06 – Loving Our PreSchool Kids On Purpose

Session 07 – Loving Our Elementary Kids On Purpose

Session 08 – Loving Our Teens On Purpose

Session 09 – Questions And Answers

Complete Workbook (All Eight Sessions)