What Is Equipping Night?

Equipping Night is one night a week that we have set aside to offer you the skills that you need to become more effective in your life, in a number of different areas.


  • The cost is $ 5.00 for each course for each evening. Cost covers the teaching, interaction, and student handouts.
  • You may choose to take only one course, or all of the courses offered during the evening.

Below is a list of the courses that we presently offer:

Debt_Free_01_150x150Life Skills 01 – How To Become Debt-Free

  • 8 sessions on how to get out of debt, and stay out of debt. You will learn tools for saving, budgeting, getting the best deals, protecting your income, and spending wisely.

No_Stress_01-150x150Life Skills 02 – From Stress To Wholeness

  • 8 sessions on how to manage stress, turn stress into energy, and use stress to build wholeness. Get to know your body in a whole new way, and learn how to work with it to handle all of the obstacles of life.

CHearing_God_02-150x150hristian Living 01 – How To Hear God’s Voice – Level I

  • 8 sessions to build into your life a proven four-step process to hear God’s voice, discern God’s voice from the other voices in your life, and respond to God’s voice for personal encouragement, direction and transformation.

Hearing_God_02-150x150Christian Living 02 – How To Hear God’s Voice – Level II

  • 8 sessions on how to recognize the voice of God in the seven key ways that He speaks to us. You will learn new ways to go deeper in your daily communion with God.

Armour_Of_God_01_150x150Christian Living 03 – How To Use Your Spiritual Armour (Ephesians 6:10-18)

  • 8 sessions on understanding the amazing armour that God has given every Christian, and how to use it wisely, skillfully and effectively for overcoming the enemy of our souls. Topics include (1) Introduction To The Spiritual Battle, (2) Truth (Belt), (3) Righteousness (Breastplate), (4) Peace (Shoes), (5) Faith (Shield), (6) Salvation (Helmet), (7) Word (Sword), (8) Prayer.

Liberty_01_150x150Christian Foundations 01 – Liberty: Setting My Past Free

  • 8 sessions on how to get set free of our hurts, habits, and hang-ups, and begin the journey to emotional and spiritual freedom.

Intimacy 01Christian Foundations 02 – Intimacy: Experiencing My Father’s Embrace

  • 8 sessions on discovering how God the Father really feels about us, how to experience the depths of His love, and how to deal with the hindrances to receiving His love.

Identity_01_150x150Christian Foundations 03 – Identity: Discovering My New Me

  • 8 sessions on how to embrace the new identity that God gives each one of us when we accept His direction for our lives, and commit to live for Him.

Resources 01Christian Foundations 04 – Authority: Using My Spiritual Resources

  • 8 sessions on how to know and use our spiritual authority in Christ, in our home, neighbourhood, workplace, and ministry.

Abundant Life 01Christian Foundations 05 – Prosperity: Enjoying My Abundant Life

  • 8 sessions on how to enjoy the full abundances of God in our spiritual life, our emotional life, our intellectual life, our physical life and our social life.

House ChurchChurch Life 01 – House Church Foundations

  • 8 sessions on how to start, facilitate, grow, and reproduce house churches. This course is filled with practical tools for leading a healthy house church.

Genesis_01_150x150Knowing The Book 01 – Primitive History – A Devotional Survey of Genesis 1-11

  • 6 sessions exploring the major themes of Genesis 1 to 11. Topics include: (1) Begin at the Beginning, (2) Adam and Eve, (3) The Fall, (4) Cain and Abel, (5) The Pre-deluvians, (6) Noah and the Flood.