Do you feel like a sponge soaking up everybody’s moods and problems? Are you affected by the environment or atmosphere more than others? Do you feel tired beyond what your circumstances call for? Then you may be a “burden-bearer”. In the following articles and audio teachings, we will discover common character traits of burden bearers, life complications from burden bearing wrongly, our corporate connection and most importantly the process of burden bearing rightly.

Debby Baril – Burden Bearing

Session 1 – Introduction to Burden Bearing – Notes, Audio
Session 2 – Portrait of a Burden Bearer – Notes, Audio
Session 3 – Life Complications – Notes, Audio
Session 4 – Our Corporate Nature – Notes, Audio
Session 5 – The Process of Burden Bearing – Notes, Audio

Ruth Rousu – Prophetic Intercession And Burden Bearing

Session 1 – The Foundation Of Love – Notes, Audio
Session 2 – Burden Bearing – Notes, Audio

Elisha’s Mantle

The Burden Bearers – Article

Burden Bearer

The Ministry Gift Of Burden Bearing – Article

House Of Prayer Edmonton

The Spiritually Sensitive Intercessor – Article

Ruach (Breath Of Life) Ministries

The Art Of Burden Bearing – Article

 Clarion Journal Of Spirituality And Justice

When I Walk Into The Room: Confessions Of A Burden Bearer – Article


Life Of A Burden Bearer – Article