What Is “A.R.C. Ministries Quebec”?

“A.R.C.” stands for “Apostolic Resource Centre”. We are a group of French-speaking and English-speaking Christian ministers in Quebec who have come together to serve as Apostolic Resources for the churches of Quebec.

We have all served as local church pastors and leaders, so we understand and are committed to the local church. All of us have also served in the marketplace, and so understand the world around us. Together we are committed to assist leaders in their desire to disciple the people of Quebec in the principles of the Kingdom of God.

We are committed to serve as resource people with our gifts,  talents, and abilities. No matter what y0u need, someone in our team will have the skills that you need.

Check through our resources and services below and see what we have to offer you. Then send us an email, and let’s talk about how we can assist and bless you and your ministry!

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