While I was surfing the internet today, I read a story about a single mother, who didn’t have enough money to pay for the baby supplies that she needed. When the clerk totaled the bill, the mother was short of what she needed. As she started to give some of the things she needed back, the lady behind her in the check-out line handed the balance of the bill to the grocery store cashier. The mother said she was so shocked that she can’t remember if she said thank you.  

It’s nice when you hear stories like this where complete strangers step in to help others. As Christians, we are to show God’s love to those in need. By doing this, the bible says that people will know that we are Christians by our actions. Galatians 6:20 says:

“Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all, especially to those who are of the household of faith.”

The Apostle Paul says that we should help all we can, especially for fellow Christians. In the 1st century church, believers pooled everything they had to share with each other or sold their belongings for the common good of the church.

Child of God, we can do so much for someone when we take the time to give something to someone who is in need. If you hear of someone who can’t pay their groceries or maybe pay to get a badly needed oil change for their car, offer to help. Maybe an older person or a single mother has no way to get to the store or to the doctor. Offer your time and a tiny amount of gasoline to help someone without expecting a pay-back. When we give from our heart, I believe that God will bless us beyond measure.