Are you the kind of person that keeps their problems to themselves or do you tell others? Some don’t want to burden others with their problems or don’t want anyone to know that they have problems. They feel that this will make them vulnerable. Others will just keep silent and keep people guessing at what is really going on in that person’s life.  The common denominator of all these people is that they would rather die than to admit that they might have been the cause of their problems.

Unfortunately, whether people know it or not, keeping our problems or faults quiet is bad for our physical and emotional well-being. It will eat away at our health. Many Christians, whether they realize it or not, are living with unconfessed sin in their lives.  This eats away at their spiritual health. There are many reasons why people will keep silent about their sins. They don’t want people to think that they’re flawed in some way.

Listen to what the psalmist said in Psalm 32:3 (NLT):

“When I refused to confess my sin, my body wasted away, and I groaned all day long.”

We might as well confess our sins to God because He knows all about them anyways. The only person we’re fooling by keeping silent is ourselves. Our Heavenly Father is waiting for us to confess our sins to Him so that He can forgive us. If we don’t, then He can’t forgive us and this will block the healing and blessings that our Loving Father has for us.

Child of God, when you mess up, confess it to your Lord and Saviour with a contrite heart so that He can forgive you and bless you. Don’t wait and think that God will forget or forgive what you’ve done if you are too afraid to confess it to Him. He loves you – His Son died so that you may live.