I have been asking the Lord for a revelation of His love. Well, He gave it to me in a vision today. I won’t give all the details because it would take many pages. However, I’ll give you the main thought, which I feel is very encouraging.

In the vision, I felt that I was about to die. I had said goodbye to my family and my thought was, “I’m going. My next thought will be with Jesus” As soon as I thought that in my vision, I saw heaven as a brilliant burst of light in front of me. I had the impression of what could have been buildings. But, it wasn’t what I saw, it’s what I felt that left me breathless.  In that split milli-second of revelation, I felt the full strength of God’s love. So many of the attributes of God’s love hit me in that milli-second of revelation that I thought I would dissolve from the intensity of what I was feeling. The predominant feelings were of a love so powerful that it staggered me, an acceptance so profound that I felt my heart ready to leap out of my chest and a feeling of unity of spirit that made me think that this is what home is supposed to feel like. I didn’t hear the words, “Well done, good and faithful servant” but that message came to my spirit in that split second of revelation. I realized that what I was feeling was the “agape” love of God.  I wanted the revelation to continue but the impression I had in my spirit was God telling me that in my present state, my body would dissolve under the power of His love. His grace and love for me gave me a split-second revelation of His love but not enough to harm me. The last impression that I had was, “Don’t give up…I love you”

Since I had that vision, I have been under a strong attack by Satan that the vision was false. I know in my spirit that it was true…Satan’s attempts to convince me otherwise have only strengthened the reality of the vision. I know that this vision was not just for me but that God wants to encourage His children in these days. Child of God, I hope that what I have passed on to you has encouraged you…it certainly encouraged me. God does answer prayer.