To discover your purpose – your God-given and God-ordained reason for His creating you and putting you on this earth – God has given us seven indicators. Taken together, these seven indicators point to a unified and focused purpose for your life.

Your Primary Passions are those very specific things which God put within you that drive you, that inspire you, that energize you when you do them. God put these passions within you in order for you to love what you are called to do, and be energized when you do it.



Your Underlying Values are those specific things that God placed in your heart that you truly care about, or value. They are the “bulls-eye” at which you are to aim with your life. They are the things in your heart for which you are truly willing to live, and die.



Your Reoccurring Experiences are those things that God moves you (knowingly or unknowingly) to experience over and over throughout your life. because “God works in you to will and to do His good pleasure… They are part of your life’s ministry for Him.



Your Personality Traits are your unique mix of relational characteristics that determine how you express yourself, and how you re-energize yourself. Knowing your personality will help you discover how you can best express your purpose with others.



Your Overriding Motivations are those unique mix of “burdens of the heart” that motivate you to persevere when challenges come. They determine what realm of serving in which you will function most effectively, and be most comfortable, as you live out your purpose.



Your Spiritual Gifts are your God-given empowerments that help you to express your purpose. They are like your special tools in your tool-kit that you have available to you, to fulfill your purpose more effectively and skilfully. Your Spiritual Gifts give practical expression to your purpose.



Your Extra Resources are those extra talents and abilities that you have, that are either “wired” in you (ie. natural attributes) or learned skills (ie. skills which you were taught). These can be used to serve the needs of others, on the pathway to purpose.



Through the two seminars “Discovering Your Purpose”, Part I and Part II,  you are going to be given the tools you need to discover what is your purpose in life, what path you need to be on, and how to get to where you need to go. That’s what “Purpose” is all about. Purpose is not just knowing what you should be doing, but also being able to “picture” what you should be doing, knowing what steps to take to get there, and being able to monitor your progress to make sure that you stay on track.

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