How ON EARTH Can I Live The Christian Life?
Part 40 – Assignment Three: Beholding And Listening

  1. Get alone, and sit quietly before the Lord.
  1. Love the Lord, and be loved by Him.
  1. Open up to each passage, but do not speak … simply listen.

Listen to the Son speak, but not to you, but to the Father. And listen to the Father speak, but not to you, but to the Son.

  1. Example: Psalm 23

verse 1:    “Father, while I was on earth, I testified before men and angels that You shepherded Me. I witnessed to men and angels that I never had any need. And that You were always with Me.

verse 2:    “My Son, while You were an earth I led You. You followed Me and glorified My name. I was Your drink. I was Your rest, and even now, here in the eternals, I am Your drink and Your rest.

  1. Repeat this exercise with your other 3 passages.

(Note: I am indebted to Gene Edwards for many of the concepts in this series.)

… Next time …. Part 41 – Assignment Four: Entering Into The Fellowship In The Godhead