How ON EARTH Can I Live The Christian Life?
Part 37 – Preparing To Enter Into The Father’s Fellowship With The Son

In the following weeks, you will be given a number of assignments to help you enter into the Father’s fellowship with the Son.

Each assignment should be practiced daily, for at least two weeks … although one month is better. They are all activities of prayer, but they are not the type of activity commonly perceived as prayer.

They will help you to enter into fellowship with the Lord, in the same way that there is fellowship in the Godhead.

Review of the Principle of Intra-Exchange

Fellowship in the Godhead has certain basic, but eternal elements, that we learnt about in previous lessons. Together these elements are called “the principle of intra-exchange”.

  1. A Giving of Divine Life:

Receiving Christ’s Life so that we may live by that Life.

  1. An Exchange of Divine Love:

Being loved by Christ, and loving Him back.

  1. A Speaking, Listening, and Responding:

Hearing Christ, and responding to what He says.

  1. Behold Him:

Sitting quietly, and beholding His glory.

The Basic Practice For Each Assignment

Each assignment should be practiced in the following manner:

  1. Acknowledge that you have received Christ’s Life in you, and thank Him for that life.
  1. Confess your desire to lay hold of His Life in you, in a vital, living way.
  1. Acknowledge that His Life within you, is the only Life force in the universe that can live the Christian Life.
  1. Confess that you are abandoning your effort to live the Christian Life.
  1. Quietly, and alone before Him, love Him and be loved by Him.
  1. Listen to what He says to you through the Scriptures, and respond in an appropriate manner back to Him.
  1. After the exercise, sit quietly for a time, and just behold what He has revealed about Himself to you.

(Note: I am indebted to Gene Edwards for many of the concepts in this series.)

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