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How ON EARTH Can I Live The Christian Life? – Part 24

by admintdc

Part 24 – How Can We Live The Christian Life? What Is The Secret To The Christian Life? How are we to live the Christian Life? What is the secret? What do we need to do? Pray? … “(7) And when you pray, do not keep on babbling like pagans, for they think they will […]

How ON EARTH Can I Live The Christian Life? – Part 23

by admintdc

Part 23 – The Importance Of Living In Our New Habitat We cannot effectively live the highest life, outside of our natural habitat. The Christian life simply doesn’t work in an isolated situation, nor does it work in a typical go-to-church-on-Sunday situation. But because we don’t understand the nature of our true habitat, we do […]

Meeting 02 – Purpose: Worship

by admintdc

House Church Meeting 02 – Purpose: Worship – Jesus at the Centre  The purpose of a House Church is to live life together, not just have meetings. The only agenda for each house church is to have Jesus in its midst. Take these ideas as a starting point and do what you need to do […]