Part 18 – A Look At Our New Habitat – Pt 2

Why Is It So Important To Understand Our New Habitat?

If you take away the natural habitat of any species, you will doom that species to extinction. So our survival as new creations in Christ, is dependent on our having a proper habitat.

If we, as believers, are truly biologically unique in all of creation, and if we really are a new creation, and our species is new to this planet, then seeking, finding, and living in our new habitat, is absolutely crucial to our existence. At the same time, to continue to live in our old habitat, is suicide.

But we must realize that fallen man and our new creation do not share a common habitat, because we are so different. Fallen man is a creature of one realm. We are a creature of two realms. So our habitat and fallen man’s habitat are not the same!

What Is The Make-Up Of Our New Habitat?

If you have been keeping up in this series, then you can probably guess what that new habitat will look like.

In heaven there are no boundaries, so there are no boundaries to this new habitat on earth.

There are no racial distinctions in heaven, so there are no racial distinctions to this new habitat on earth.

There are no class distinctions in heaven, so there are no class distinctions to this new habitat on earth.

There are no gender distinctions in heaven, so there are no gender distinctions to this new habitat on earth.

Since Jesus, the creator of this new habitat belongs to both realms, our new habitat will be made up of elements from both realms.

Since the new creation is part of this realm, and part of the other realm, then the new habitat must be part visible and part invisible, part physical and part spiritual, part heavenly and part earthly.

The Communal Nature Of Our New Habitat

At the core, the essence of our new habitat, is community. Community was God’s idea, and it has always existed. Community has always been the number one activity of the God-head. Long ago, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, had already set up the standard for their habitat. It was an intimate community of three … the Father loving on the Son and the Holy Spirit, the Son loving on the Father and the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit loving on the Father and the Son.

And so when Jesus came, He introduced the communal nature of His habitat to this planet … He brought community to earth, from heaven.

Actually, community is necessary for every species, for survival, and for meaning. Sheep need a flock, fish live in schools, lions live in a pride, even elephants belong in a herd.

So as soon as Jesus began His earthly ministry, He naturally drew around Him men and women, to form a travelling community of believers.

“He appointed twelve — designating them apostles — that they might be with him … (Mark 3:14, NIV).

After Jesus left the earth, His followers knew that they needed to continue to live together, in this new habitat. So they learned to live by Him, and for Him, yet always within a plurality of existence, as communities of believers.

And eventually, the believers began to call this community, this “common unity”, the ecclesia. But ecclesia began in heaven, in the Trinity.

(Note: I am indebted to Gene Edwards for many of the concepts in this series.)

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