Welcome to “Christian Foundations 1 – Liberty – Setting My Past Free”. This is the first of five modules to give you the five key foundations of Christian living. In this series we give you the tools to deal with your past, let go, and start living!

Instructions: Using the links below, download the participants notes and print out a copy, one for each person. Then click on the video, and watch it together. Fill in your notes as you watch the video, and then discuss the assignments at the end of each session.

Complete Workbook (All Eight Sessions)

Session 01 – Admitting Need: The Reality Choice

Session 02 – Getting Help: The Hope Choice

Session 03 – Letting Go: The Commitment Choice

Session 04 – Coming Clean: The Housekeeping Choice

Session 05 – Making Changes: The Transformation Choice

Session 06 – Repairing Relationships: The Relationship Choice

Session 07 – Maintaining Momentum: The Growth Choice

Session 08 – Recycling Pain: The Sharing Choice